Assisi Catholic College Solar and Geothermal Installation

Project Details


Project Snapshot

  • Designed and installed a 200kW roof top solar system
  • 306,600 kWhrs of clean energy generation per year
  • A reduction of 245 tonnes of carbon emissions per year
  • Energy monitoring enabling real-time energy data to be assessed in school’s STEM lessons

When Sevengen, a Calibre Group company, installed geothermal air conditioning at Assisi Catholic College, they wanted to ensure the energy needs associated with these innovative units would be offset by cleaner, greener electricity generation.

In doing so, Sevengen undertook an energy assessment of the site and determined optimal generation requirements to satisfy the new load profile. Sevengen then designed and installed a 200kW roof top solar system that will generate 306,600 kWhrs of clean energy per year and a reduced carbon emission of 245 tonnes per year.

This milestone installation will not only assist the school in reducing its carbon footprint but also inspire it is environmentally conscious students by demonstrating how to use energy correctly.

Sevengen’s partnership with Assisi creates a living lab where students access real time energy data generated by the on-site geothermal and solar systems, along with a specialist provider to develop the STEM curriculum module for the school to utilise into the future.

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